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Dr. Maltby primarily provides three forensic services: 

Dr. Maltby can conduct a Clinical Evaluation of your client, including any necessary psychological or neuropsychological testing, collateral interviewing, record review and literature review. She will submit a formal, written evaluation if so requested, and will be prepared and available as an expert witness to answer subpoenas, attend depositions, and make court appearances with reasonable notification.

Dr. Maltby is often hired to provide Expert Testimony about a myriad of topics related to child abuse and neglect. Some of her past work has included testimony about delayed disclosure of sexual abuse, false allegations, recantation, the effects of trauma on psychological functioning across the life span, forensic interviewing protocols and standards, and poly-victimization.

Dr. Maltby can provide Attorney Consultation, which includes a review of records, a review of relevant scientific literature, critique of opposing evaluations, provision of referrals, help with psychological strategies, or other psycho-legal functions as mutually determined.

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