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A headshot of Dr. Lauren Maltby.  She is smiling and wearing a navy blue business suit with a white collared shirt.

Dr. Lauren Maltby is a clinical psychologist licensed in California and Washington. She is one of fewer than 30 psychologists in California who have undergone the rigorous training and examination process necessary to obtain Board Certification in Child and Adolescent Psychology from the American Board of Professional Psychology. Dr. Maltby is an Assistant Professor of Clinical Pediatrics in the Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA, and is on the training faculty in the Department of Psychiatry. Dr. Maltby has specialized expertise in the assessment of child sexual abuse and child trauma more broadly, as well as forensic interviewing, developmental assessment, and clinical treatment.

Dr. Maltby is eager to assist attorneys as they navigate the intersection of complex psychological issues and legal standards. Please use this website to learn about Dr. Maltby’s background, experience, and areas of expertise. Attorneys seeking case-specific consultation should email Dr. Maltby directly at

A clickable banner that reads, "In California, there are approximately 17,000 active, licensed psychologists; only 29 of those are board certified in child and adolescent psychology; 14 of those are in Los Angeles.  You can learn more about board certification in child psych here."  Clicking the banner will direct you to the American Board of Professional Psychology's website about clinical child and adolescent psychology.